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Friday, November 25, 2005

Friday 25 Nov 2005

6.45pm. Just got home feeling a bit sleepy as it has been a long cold week. I could do with the night in front of the fire preceded by steak and salad and a bottle of Graham Beck Railroad Red. However - we have to attend a Thanksgiving dinner. Our Canadian friend and lowland Scot hubby have invited another North American, a friend and the Ren couple. They obviously haven't read the blog and I hope that pumpkin is not on the menu. I will be good though.. don't want to get into anymore trouble - do I? For what are we giving Thangsgiving for? Will there be deep fried turkey? Will there be any North American Indians slaughtered? Will we toast the King? Why the 24th of November.
4 years back I was staying in London. In the hotel at breakfast a tartan trousered American couple were having steak and eggs whilst their gawky tooth-braced daughter was picking the food out of some muesli. They were reading the Daily Mail which had the headline 'World to End February 23rd 2042- Official'. The mother said 'jeez Elmer we must get hold of an American calendar and see what date that is back home'.
I decided against an explanation. 4 years later I feel I need one.


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