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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Baaa Afraid. Baaa Very Afraid.

Readers with exceptional memories will recall last summer's Cumbrian sheep ringtone saga. Now those wild and crazy dudes at the Cumbria Tourist Board have decided to get really cutting edge, in a festive kind of way. Yes, they've produced the Cumbrian sheep Christmas ringtone for you. Quite what possessed them we can't imagine, but you can download it here. And there's a megamix too. We're all in favour of promoting Cumbria as a centre of high culture, but this obsession with sheep does seem a touch unsavoury. Apparently it's supposed to encourage you all to come and spend the winter months in Britain's most beautiful landscape. We recommend you do so in February, when the Keswick Film Festival is in town. Four days of fabulous movies, film-making classes and director interviews. Absolutely the most fun you can have with a group of strangers in a darkened room. And not a sheep in sight. Book it now.


Blogger Irene Adler said...

Those sheep might have sounded better if they hadn't all been singing baaritone.

4/12/05 10:22 pm  

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