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Thursday, May 10, 2007

50% of banjaxed gig at Meriendas – another list for comment please

Last Friday we performed at Meriendas. We being - RenWoman on lead vocals, shakers, bodhran, upstaging; mesel on guitar, harmonies occasional vocals; Ricardo on the 'box' (cajones – flamenco beat box). We're half of banjaxed (the local well known beat combo) and still struggling for a name. 'Not Quiet Broken' was suggested. Anyways a fiver to a charity of your choice for the best name.

The set list gives a fair idea of the age and musical experience and inclination of the band.

  1. Box Rag – Instrumental (made up on the night to warm up the audience) – reprised later in the set - but different.
  2. I once loved a lad (Eng Trad – slightly jazzes – in D with the bottom E dropped to D for the musos)
  3. Ruby Tuesday (Jagger- Richards – fair cover with the stones' usual riff duh dah dah)
  4. Mozambique (from Dylan's Desire – shaker – a bit faster than the original)
  5. Where Do The Children Play
    (Cat Stevens ~ thingie Islam now … I use the guitar effects pedal on this one if I can find it)
  6. Times They are a Changing
    (Bob - but a reggae version. Bob who? DYLAN DYLAN!!)
  7. Love and Happiness
    (I forget who by – that chap from Dire Straits and Emmy Lou I think. I can't help hearing it as Love and A Penis. Which sort of spoils it for performing seriously)
  8. The One I Love
    (David Gray – with the effects pedal again to make it sound like a helicopter – if I can find…the…. Right…. Ah …)
  9. Dimming of The day
    (Richard Thompson – great song great harmony – fun to sing)
  10. Careless Love
    (Trad – very much the Joan Baez version. For this one we become 2/3rds of banjaxed as Valeree joins us)
  11. Super Trooper
    ( ABBA – yes ABBA. I like it - though there was some resistance from RW and Ricardo)
  12. ONE (yer man BONO – but nearer the Johnny Cash version. ABBA ? U2? I don't question my thought processes in drawing up these lists)
  13. Baby can I Hold You – Sorry (Tracy Chapman – great song, difficult timing. Someone (SIMON Dawson!) dropping the dominos in the first bar didn't help)
  14. Love Me Do (Lennon & Macca. Slowed down version – great simple song – I sneak in a Steve Tilston ending)
  15. Too Old to Wrangle (not sure of the provenance – have known it for years – country harmony all the way . not sure who does the tune - me or RW)
  16. Things Have Changed (Bob again – but more recent from his gardening period – the only song I know about wheelbarrows)
  17. Every Night (McCartney via Phoebe Snow – with carry that weight and another macca song at the end. Much as I try to dislike Paul he does occasional throw in a good un)
  18. Party Doll (Jagger Richards again – great song – relatively unknown – look it up by Mary Chapin-Carpenter)
  19. Frank Mills (from Hair – really nice little narrative song with only 1 rhyme - slant - Waverley with unfortunatley)
  20. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (Trad; Pentangled and then 50% banjaxed- good jazz feel)
  21. Wheels On Fire (Bob – via Julie Driscoll – rocks)
  22. San Francisco Bay Blues (Jesse Fuller; but I've been doing it since 1965 – long before Eric C – so there)
  23. Please Please Me (Lennon Mac; very slowed down version – more like a folk song)
  24. Pebbles on the Beach ( A gem from Paul Weller)
  25. Bobby McGee (Kristofferson with the Joplin ending – yeh I know but everybody sings along)
  26. I got you Babe (Sonny Bono and Cher? – no matter how many times we sing it I still don't know the words)
  27. Paved Paradise (Joni Mitchell – as near as we can to the original)
  28. We didn't do 'Love the One You are With' (Steve Stills) .. 'cos I forgot the timing .. weird

Any requests - for our next outing please? Apart from the usual 'Play far away' and 'I think the sax would sound good in Bobby McGee'


Blogger Nick said...

The sax sounds absolutely dreadful in practically anything, with every prospect of staying that way . . .
My vote goes for anything from Bob's back catalogue. 'Abandoned Love', there's a neglected classic . . . & not a saxophone within earshot.

10/5/07 1:48 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Actually, on second thoughts this version of Never Let Me Go is probably a good choice too

10/5/07 11:58 pm  
Anonymous Phred said...

How 'bout this one


17/5/07 10:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Twas a great night - hope we can play at Meriendas again soon

Ricardo - of the Box

24/6/07 11:49 pm  

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