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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Offset This!

The Renaissance Woman mentioned to me the other day that she'd just had her household's carbon footprint measured. Size six Jimmy Choos, apparently. But there was more to come. She'd found a handy way of offsetting the carbon.
For some reason this involved making a cash payment to the nation's favourite greengrocer, who will kindly do the offsetting for you, saving you a lot of trouble and inconvenience.
Yes, that's Tesco's, the people who habitually fly Jumbo Jets full of mange-tout peas three times round the world before delivering them to an out-of-town superstore within driving distance of your home. Just spend some more money with them and they'll offset your carbon footprint.
I can't help but feel that I'm missing something important here. Or perhaps Tesco's are? Isn't reducing global warming by consuming more rather like fighting for peace? Or, in the old 60s slogan, f***ing for virginity?
If anyone can explain the rationale for this, please comment . . .


Anonymous drjohn said...

If environmentalism is the new religion, these must be the new indulgences. Pay a fairtrade supplement, no need to feel guilty about exploiting developing countries. Pay an offset supplement, no need to worry about food miles. For a mere extra pound you have a bunch of out-of-season chilean asparagus that can safely be served at the most right-on dinner party.

Of course as astute readers of the Westmorland Gazette will know, there is a shortage of Cumbrian asparagus this year due to a ploughing accident near Kirby Lonsdale.

15/5/07 11:05 am  

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