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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Trane In Vain

Readers will be delighted to hear that my saxophone playing is coming on by leaps and bounds, (shurely - shcales & arpeggiosh?), and I can now pick out the very simplest of tunes and make them sound almost but not quite completely unlike real music.
In one crucial respect, however, I have begun to excel - I can now unfold and set up a music stand in a matter of minutes, and all without accidentally reprising the physical comedy of Norman Wisdom's deckchair-opening routine.


Anonymous Eleanor said...

OK, now I'm really and truly frightened!

9/5/07 1:10 pm  
Anonymous Jeremy said...

you are using quite a hard reed for a beginner, not surprised your tongue and lip finds it hard going.

9/5/07 2:48 pm  

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