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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Clarence Clemons Is My Sax God

I've just been listening to some of The Big Man's finest work - largely as a result of this objectionable piece of inanity. (It's not just that I object to the phenomenon of 'list of 100 greatest all time designer sandwich wrappers' on the grounds that such enterprises are a sad excuse for a lack of critical intelligence so much as it's self-evidently the case that Born To Run isn't even Bruce Springsteen's best album of the 1980s - that accolade goes to The River - let alone The Best Album Of All Time). So I've spent the early part of the evening re-acquainting myself with The Boss's finest work - and was overawed by the god-like genius of Side One Track Two Sherry Darling, a sort of Frat Rock / Jersey Shore re-working of And Her Mother Came Too, and blessed with a couple of delicious examples of Clarence at his best. If you don't already know it go out and buy it right now.
Update: Whoops! - Erratum: for Born To Run read Born In The USA above throughout. And vice versa. I mean, obviously.


Anonymous Lex said...

Born to Run came out in '75. Just sayin'.

"Sherry Darlin'" was supposed to be the opening song on Side 2 of Born in the USA -- where it would get a bit more prominence -- but they finished up "No Surrender," decided it was too good to leave off the album and stuck it on Side 2 ahead of Sherry.

My favorite of his is Darkness on the Edge of town ('78), although The River hangs together exceptionally well for a double album. I suspect Darkness is one of HIS favorites as well -- songs from it have been overrepresented in his subsequent concerts.

16/5/07 11:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this sax thing has taken over your every waking thought... presumably no time for football anymore

16/5/07 11:53 pm  
Anonymous Eleanor said...

If you really want to listen to Clarence wail, you gotta listen to the LIVE set, Nick. Seriously.

17/5/07 12:49 am  
Blogger Nick said...

Lex - you are of course quite correct (see Update). I share your enthusiasm for Darkness - some very fine stuff. But The River holds its place for me - an album that is forever associated (in my mind) with the sheer joy of arriving at Davidson for the first time in September 1980. Soundtrack of a period & all that.
RenMan - you've obviously noticed that I've taken up something for which I have no discernible talent or experience, at the suggestion of the woman I love who is a professional musician with two teenage daughters - one of them with 4 good Grade 8s; the other, at age 11, is principal trumpet with the National Children's Orchestra, drummer for one of the better local brass bands and & has just got into the Royal Northern College Of Music. So I've got no obvious motivation or pressure to achieve adequacy . . .
Eleanor - absolutely: last saw him at the old Wembley Stadium in London in 1985 (see photo on the back of the live boxed set) & in spite of Miami Steve being replaced by Nils Lofgren they absolutely stormed . . .

17/5/07 9:50 am  

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