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Monday, May 21, 2007

Twentyman’s plain vanilla in a tub… though technically it’s a frozen stare.

As regards (as an acquantance of mine is irritatingly prone to say) a previous posting I got to thinking about the ice cream of my formative years. There’s quite a lot to choose from - Hartley’s (Egremont), Luchini’s (Cockermouth now Keswick), Bouch’s (Aspatria), Tognarelli’s (Wukintun), Longcake’s (S’loth) and of course Twentyman’s of Allonby.

It should have been Luchini’s. We used to get a Jug of it to share with the rice pudding at Sunday dinner but the taste that still gets the teeth itching is Twentyman’s plain vanilla.

Now what about the frozen stare? Old man Twentyman used to be the most miserable looking chap I’ve ever seen. Not content with the queues round the block in the pouring rain and driving wind he would stand there (occasionally helping out or reinforcing the refusal of a serving of red syrup – ‘cos it meks a mess’) casting gloom and unhappiness on the proceedings. Outside it could be a glorious day but inside the shop it was always dark and gloomy. The current generation Twentyman seem a little happier. They now do a selection of sundaes and loads of different flavours but I still opt for a medium tub – plain vanilla then browse the out of date tins of tuna and pot noodles and plastic buckets and balls and Concorde English wine and felt tip pens .. packs of cards. I did ask for red syrup on my tub and was told that they would sell me a little carton BUT I had to put it on my tub myself when I was well out of the shop ‘cos it meks a mess..n’ that’ll be another 10p’


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