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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Les Delices de Cumbria - Part III

This blog has a rule about not posting vicarious experience, but the story about the motorist who was attacked by a flying sausage is too good to pass over.
It's just as well this happened in Essex - here in Cumbria sausages are one of those things where size really does matter. The A66 has enough carnage to deal with already.


Blogger Franklin said...

I asked someone this question the other day, and they indicated that the issue of "size" was misleading. This question should be framed dimensionally, as in "girth matters." To indicate size matters, with no dimensional qualifications is misleading, according to this authority. So, even in Cumbria, you would wish to indicate that your "sausage has girth" rather than simply your "sausage is large."

However, it should be noted that, even in Cumbria, to indicate that one's "sausage is small" would be less than flattering, irrespective of dimensional qualifications.

You will find a further exposition of dimensional qualification and self-referential paradox, relative to "size claims" in Proposition in the Tractatus, if you would like a more authoritative reference.

21/4/05 12:45 pm  
Anonymous eleanor said...

Actually, I was thinking this related to the flag of Cumbria entry. How about a Cumberland Sausage on a field of gravy?

22/4/05 10:56 am  
Anonymous Phred said...


Here in the Colonies we have had several tragic incidents where youths have thought it would be fun to toss , not sausages, from Interstate overpasses , but large rocks at motorists resulting in serious injuries and deaths. I am having difficulity coming up with a punishment that would be maximum cruel and unusual for this crime. For sure it would be far worse than what they did to William Wallace.

26/4/05 6:43 pm  

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