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Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Ren in Spain Part 1

Me and Ren Woman are off to Ethpanya for a few days with 'er mam&dad - Terry and June (we kid you not). We take the new cruise ferry from Plymouth to Santander. Overnight with T&J will be fun they have a certain reputation for old age dilinquency which merits a blog all of its own.
15:08 24 April: Now on board the ferry and installed in the 'commodore' cabin. Very nice. We've found the safe, the minibar, the TV, the bathroom and the complimentary chocs. The GPRS connection to the internet seems strong, so I should be able to post the blog without difficulty. Embarkation was a breeze. They seemed to be searching all the tatooed, adidas clad mob in steerage but me and RW were whisked through. Maybe the crumpled Rohan look and RW's red leather rock chick jacket is the reason. We're off to the shops for a continental to UK adaptor as I only have 1.45hrs left on laptop battery.
More later
Oh.. the Plymouth weather is a bit overcast.


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