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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Ren in Spain Part Dos: Somewhere there is a door to Britain - outside that door there be smokers

19:31 – 24 April 2005 – Where have all the Smokers Gone- The Bay of Biscay everyone.
Still not sure what this boat is called. Where have all the smokers gone? Well I can tell you – cross channel ferries. It seems to be compulsory to wear sports clothing and drag your way through 4 fags an hour from what I can see. That’s about £1/hour for say 12 hours a day equals near enough four and a half grand a year. I remember the departed brother explaining to me once (when he was in a smoke phase of his life) that fags in Spain were at least half the price of the UK. So he could spend five hundred quid on a holiday; buy his fags for the year and still be two kay better off.

I think I understand but it still didn’t make me take up the weed. Just seen what looks like schooner.


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