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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Full Nelson

Regular listeners to Radio Cumbria via this blog may be interested to know that I'll be turning up on the airwaves again tomorrow (Friday) to talk about Trafalgar Day and the strange connection my home town has with Nelson's finest hour. Curious? You can find out more by listening via this link (RealPlayer required) at about 10:00AM (0900 GMT or local equivalent) tomorrow morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what is the connection, can't get english radio.

23/10/05 8:15 pm  
Blogger Nick said...

Anon - you need never be without Cumbrian radio again: just click on the embedded link in the post above & it will channel to your PC. (I'll have to see about adding a link to the sidebar . . .). The connection is rather good: Humphrey Senhouse, the local posh-boy, was lieutenant on board HMS Conqueror, 5th in the English line of battle, and was involved in taking the surrender of the French flagship the Bucentuare. His eye-witness account of the battle was published nearly a century later in MacMillan's Magazine, April 1900. Made for 10 minutes of good radio, imho.

23/10/05 9:51 pm  

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